Nick Festari – This Is Me … Slower And Faster

Nick Festari is a singer with more than 30 years of music experience, performing eurobeats and dance and now he’s branching out into pop, rock and alternative music.

His voice might remind you Phil Collins and his new music has an 80s feel to it with hints of Genesis and Marillion.

Nick’s songs are very catchy and if you like catchy, light pop/rock songs, then his music is a good choice.

His new EP This Is Me… Slower And Faster is a mixture of ballads and uptempo pop-directed songs, which will put you in a good mood.

The melancholic and radio friendly Wings Of An Angel sounds like a tune made by Robbie Williams, and There Will Be No Prize, is an uptempo killer with nice violin parts, which will make you feel like dancing.

Check out Nick Festari and his new music, if you like pop music especially, you most certainly won’t be disappointed.

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