Nied’s Hotel Band Deliver Stunner On “The Day The Lady Cried”

The Nied’s Hotel Band offer a powerful, poignant piece full of Patriotism with the tender tones of “The Day the Lady Cried”. Building up quite elegantly, they make sure the true soul of the sound comes from the lyricism. Here, the lyrics are chosen with care, as they celebrate the grandeur of the United States alongside its boundless opportunity. Words here matter a lot, and, for Americans everywhere, the day in question is one etched into everybody’s mind. Everyone remembers where they were for that distinct moment.

From the very beginning they keep things stately. His voice has a reassuring, soothing aspect. The rhythm works itself up into a virtual march, as there is a martial quality to it before it is transformed. Usage of a wide variety of instruments also matters a great deal. Perhaps the cleverest of all these instruments is the use of the saxophone. America and the saxophone have a deep relationship, in particular New York City and the saxophone. Something about that sound simply conjures up imagery of that city of opportunity, the sheer buzzing energy of it, and what patriotism means to those millions of people. On the latter half of the song the sound becomes saturated, a vast wave that crashes over the listener in a way that feels akin to a force of nature.

Done with dignity and care, the Nied’s Hotel Band deliver something that absolutely stuns with “The Day the Lady Cried”.