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Philip Brooks drops latest single ‘I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Back Home’

21-year-old dream-pop artist Philip Brooks has released his latest single, ‘I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Home’.

Blending elements of modern introspective indie rock with 80s synth-wave, ‘I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Home’ takes a poignant look at the collapse of a once euphoric relationship.

Through Brooks’ dreamlike vocals, hovering synths and a driving drum beat, ‘I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Home’s soundscape transports the listener to a time that feels distant yet familiar. Think a classic 1980s coming-of-age film à la John Hughes. Imagine hanging out at the boardwalk on Santa Monica pier. You know the visit will bring nothing but heartbreak – after all, this is where you first met your now ex. But you can’t help yourself from wanting to relive those memories. Now you’re alone, but being here is better than being home. Your only solace comes via the calm of the horizon as the sun begins to set, casting a warm glow across your face.

This film never existed. Nor, most likely, did this memory. But such is the transportive power of ‘I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Home’. 

The track marks the fourth single from the Stuttgart-born turned London-based singer. 

Brooks’ previous releases ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head’, ‘Honey, Let’s Just Drive’ and ‘Heatwave’ have achieved almost one million streams and have been added into over 3800 global playlists.

Brooks’ debut EP will be released in November.

While you wait for the EP to drop, give ‘I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Home’ a listen below:

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