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Premiere: Lyves teams with Jalen Santoy for heartbreaking ‘Certain Things’

London-based songstress Lyves has shared the stunning visuals for her Jalen Santoy collaboration, ‘Certain Things‘.

Certain Things‘ bursts with gorgeous bluesy keys and unquestionable R&B swag from the get-go. The singer’s vocals float effortlessly over the track as the visual tells the story of young love and tragedy. Tune in below.

Certain Things was written in one short evening with Nathanael Williams and Simeon Jones from The Colours That Rise,” she explains.

Nathanael and Simeon are used to working as a duo but we had never all sat in a room together. This was our first idea and within 10 minutes of us sitting down the piano, drums, and vocal melody came together. This song’s energy is about living in the present moment – finding strength and solace in the now despite past occurrences and future worries – which is in line with how the song seemed to spontaneously come about. We knew we wanted to feature an artist we love and respect and Jalen’s raw energy and performance brought so much to it. This song feels like a collaboration in many ways and the start of a new chapter both personally and musically.”

The new single follows the well-received ‘Rest Your Head‘ and continues her monthly “8-Rooms” project.

James Cooke

James has worked on the production side of the music industry for many years gaining releases on a number of record labels around the globe. Alongside James’ personal music projects he has trained as an illustrator, designer and a creative marketer. Taking on the role of marketing/editorial assistant at Music Crowns, James spends his days covering new and underground music creating content for our audiences through well thought out reviews and features.

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