Randy Seedorff Is Exceptional On “Begin Again” Album

Country music pumps through the veins of Randy Seedorff, who comes from a family with a strong musical heritage and was given his first guitar at the tender age of 11. In his latest album, Begin Again, his familial love, his faith, and his community provides the bedrock for his most formidable body of work to date. 

With a career spanning almost thirty years, Begin Again details Seedorff’s rebirth as a solo musician, which is inextricably tied to his personal life and faith being a pastor. The victim of an armed robbery some years ago, this helped Seedorff forge a new path towards finding God, his faith, and ultimately a new lease of life. And he doesn’t take it for granted. 

The album’s opener ‘Dream’ details his transition: “I want to be the one to follow the sun, and trust the heat.” This line sums up Seedorff’s character in a nutshell, as an individual striving to make progress by taking a leap of faith. And what is there to fear when you have the love of God guiding you?

Given his affinity with his faith, Begin Again sways toward Christian-Rock on occasion, utilising grandiose, impactful choruses and virtuous guitar lines to spread the message of God with aplomb. Lead single ‘Family Tree’, ‘Why Me Lord’, and ‘Never Alone’ encapsulate Seedorff’s craft, who never veers away from humility in his delivery. 

As a singer-songwriter, Seedorff wants to bring the message of God to as many people as he can possibly reach. With the exceptional Begin Again, it won’t be long before his vision is a reality. 

–Thomas Curtish