Raw Ideology Stuns with ‘Dogtown’: A Techno Triumph on Pathless Records

Raw Ideology presents his latest hard-hitting Techno production, ‘Dogtown’ via Pathless Records. Joining the label’s annual compilation album, ‘Ascensão Do Terceiro Mundo’, this new release no doubt comes as a powerful reminder of both Raw Ideology’s stellar talents and growing reputation: sitting alongside some of the top up-and-coming talents from Latin America within the album, Raw Ideology once again places his impressive skills and unique approach towards music production in the spotlight.  

As he continues to cement his name amongst the exciting rising stars of Electronic Music, Raw Ideology shows himself to be driven and determined, building a momentum that appears unfaltering as he continues to develop his impressive catalogue of releases. Striking out with a signature sound that cannot be matched to any other within the genre, the talented Producer and DJ manages to seamlessly blend the hard elements of Techno with the clean and hypnotic sounds of the genre to offer a style that is distinctly his own. As listeners become captivated by his sound and magnetic energy, Raw Ideology’s popularity and reputation will surely only grow further, building him a fanbase of genre enthusiasts from across the globe. So, as he presents his newest release, Raw Ideology offers another enthralling listening journey that is no doubt not to be missed.  

The track starts off with a filtered hook line and shuffled rhythms, soon layering in a relentless, thumping beat that is sure to hypnotise listeners, invigorating them with its powerful force. Then, futuristic-sounding synths, bold sonic hits, and punchy rhythmic details join to inject the listening experience with intrigue and intoxicating sound; as glowing pads enter, the soundscape changes in energy, slowing to intensify the tension-building vibes as the beat re-joins, returning with a punch. An enthralling sonic journey, ‘Dogtown’ serves to effortlessly showcase Raw Ideology’s entrancing signature sound and dynamic production style; no doubt an unmissable listen, this new release is sure to become a new favourite for his fans while making his name climb even higher on the list of Producers to watch closely.  

Make sure to keep an eye out for Raw Ideology’s next releases and live shows by following him across social media. ‘Dogtown’ is out now via Pathless Records and is available to stream and download across platforms. 

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