Review: Omar Felciano – House Of Aragon

Review By Hunter Phelps

Omar Feliciano, singer song writer hailing from Queens, NY has recently released his debut LP entitled, House of Aragon. The album combines acoustic guitar, full band songs, use of synths, and a variety of special guests appearing on it.

The album opens with an into instrumental called “Prelude” and swiftly goes into “Snap”, a political song about police and gun violence. Following that is another political song about the prison system called “Momma Calls”.



The album then takes a bit of a darker tonality with “Good Grief”, a classic heart break song, followed by “Social Media”, about a former acquaintance only caring about their social media life. After another slower song, the appropriately titled “Slow Things Down”, the album picks back up with a very catchy track with pop punk inspired lyrics, “Befriend”, about friendship and how much this one person truly has meant to him.

This is soon followed by, “No Hope Wrecks”, a very relatable song to many of us in the music scene(and just having dreams in general) about the very real struggle of trying to make it in the industry. From spending your own money, to getting paid none at a gig far from home. But all in all, never wanting to give up that dream. Next, we have “Family Anchor”, a song about losing someone very close to you, followed by another slower song, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.

The second to last track, “Emo-Ride”, has a very Death Cab For Cutie feel in both the instrumentation and the vocals themself. It is definitely my favorite song on the album. The album wraps up with “History Repeaters”, a song about racism and genderism. A very powerful and moving conclusion to an extremely well-written collection of songs.

House Of Aragon is definitely a roller coaster of highs and lows, between the lyrical content itself and the instrumentation. If you’re looking for something newer, but also a familiar feel, I would highly recommend checking out House of Aragon by the very talented Omar Feliciano.

Omar Feliciano is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Queens, NY. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from CUNY York College and is currently a member of the Recording Academy.

Omar Feliciano is also the founder and frontman of the rock band The Phoenix Within. The Phoenix Within has performed live at festivals like Blue Ridge Rock Festival, and INKcarceration, and has opened up for acts like A Skylit Drive, Vinnie Caruana, and The Color Fred.

Feliciano has published three guitar chord songbooks and one coloring book all based off of musical content released by The Phoenix Within. Omar is currently endorsed by PICKBOY Guitar Picks, Pig-Hog cables, and GHS Guitar strings.

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