Solarrio starts teasing the release of upcoming debut album


Solarrio is an artist and producer based in Berlin, with a diverse background that includes growing up in France, Germany, and the USA with Russian and Argentinian heritage. After producing music for various German hip-hop artists under the name KD Supier in the 2000s, he rebranded as Solarrio in 2016 and began creating his own music by fusing 80s Synthpop, R&B, and funk with electronic beats. He has released numerous singles and three EPs, and is now preparing to launch his debut album in 2023.

To keep us waiting until his new release, “Started This Yet” is the perfect track to listen to. It was co-written with Solarrio’s frequent collaborators Craig Walker (known for his work with Archive and Phoebe Killdeer) and Pedro Vito (who has worked with Jack Savoretti). The song’s theme centers around the excitement of new relationships, the butterflies in the stomach, and trying everything to win over the person you’re interested in. The chorus, “I don’t want to lose you baby, we haven’t even started this yet” encapsulates this sentiment.

Musically, the song draws inspiration from 80s power ballads with big sing-along choruses. Solarrio’s upcoming debut album, set to be released in the summer of 2023 with a first single due out in mid-May, promises to be a lively and danceable record, combining 80s synth vibes with modern production techniques.

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