Terry Golden’s ‘Art Of Rave’ March Episodes: A Deep Dive into Electronic Music’s Finest

Terry Golden bought a striking collection of episodes for his radio show ‘Art Of Rave’ throughout March; a show whose reputation continues to grow along with Terry Golden’s own prominent standing within Electronic Music, ‘Art Of Rave’ continually appears as a powerful extension of Terry Golden’s creativity, consistently bringing must-listen episodes each month. During March, it was both Terry Golden’s own high-quality mixes and the guest mix from the talented Morgan Page that ensured ‘Art Of Rave’ kept the bar raised, continuing to stand out within the genre today. 

A talent whose varied, extensive, and creative skillset consistently supports his growth within Electronic Music, Terry Golden remains one of the most exciting tastemakers on the scene and one to surely take note of, both through his electrifying studio productions and in the high-energy episodes of ‘Art Of Rave’. Having welcomed thrilling guests onto the show like SKIY, Prophecy, and Hel:Sløwed, Terry Golden continues to guarantee his listeners remain captivated, surprising them with unexpected sonic experiences that are sure to leave an impression. Terry Golden’s list of invitees not only continues to elevate the impactful vibes of the radio show but surely also serves as powerful proof of his own status within the genre, marking him out as a top talent through the VIP names that have taken to the ‘Art Of Rave’ decks; a tastemaker of influence, Terry Golden is surely making his mark on the landscape of Electronic Music. 

Throughout March, Terry Golden kept to his usual standard, seamlessly blending mixes that were both diverse yet enthralling; with music from the likes of John Summit, Kevin de Vries, and Product Of Us, along with work from his own catalogue, Terry Golden’s episodes certainly made for a stimulating listen, shining a light on the varied and vibrant nature of the Electronic Music landscape today. As Morgan Page showcased his signature sound with a mix that highlighted his impeccable tastes, exciting listeners with tracks from Artists such as Machine Made and Luis Torres, March on ‘Art Of Rave’ will no doubt have left an impact, ensuring listeners eagerly return next month to dive deeper into Terry Golden’s captivating sonic world.  

As he promises to bring more unforgettable episodes throughout April, Terry Golden’s ‘Art Of Rave’ is no doubt the musical destination for those looking for the freshest and most compelling sounds of Electronic Music, so, make sure you are listening throughout next month. 

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