Your Future Ghost Knows Their “PRITTY” In New Release

Your Future Ghost is the exciting new musical partnership between Billboard-charting singer/songwriter Kate Voegele and producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Grubbs. Their debut single “We’ve Got Places” received acclaim all around the globe. The two are back with a gritty synth pop banger. Called “PRITTY”, the song is a must listen to and is the second single off of their upcoming debut album.

“PRITTY” is all about embracing one’s own crazy and messy behavior. Kate confides, “The song is about being a little unhinged but also irresistible. You’re self-aware enough to know you’re kind of a mess, but you also are not sorry about it because you’re a God damned blast to have around. It’s kind of about just knowing that the weirdest thing about you is probably also the coolest thing about you, and not being afraid to celebrate that even if it makes some people mad or uncomfortable.”  The highly relatable narrative is packaged in a gritty dance pop song filled with unique guitar riffs and explosive melodies. Elements of synth, pop, and rock all combine effortlessly for a hard hitting good time.

Your Future Ghost was formed through a deep friendship and an artistic collaboration that began on zoom during the pandemic. Kate confides, “Our voices blended in a way that inspired us both to write in this unique hemisphere of a sound neither of us had ever really explored before in our solo projects.” The two soon performed their signature sound at the  Art Basel festival in Miami to an overwhelming response affirming their artistic direction. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next.