‘All The Fours’ is the new album from Welsh Singer-Songwriter James Fox

‘All The Fours’ is the new album from Welsh Singer-Songwriter James Fox.

With influences of Rock, Country, Blues and Folk, this diverse, guitar driven album was written, performed and produced by James at his home studio in London during the Summer and Fall of 2020.

James plays every instrument on the album besides the drums, which were played by long time friend, Mike Sorrentino, in Long Island NYC.

‘Nightfall’ is the first track from James Fox’s album.

The track begins with delightful melodies and smooth vocals from James Fox.

The tempo then gets cranked up and this gives the song more of a rock-pop vibe and the lyrics have an intangible charm to them.

James Fox has taken time out from his busy schedule to provide us with an insight into how the album came about and the themes that surround each of the various tracks.

On the writing and recording of the album, James said, ‘This album was written during a year that most of us were forced to stop. I rediscovered Music again and started writing songs for the first time in years.

The songs needed to come out, it felt like it was writing itself from time to time. I started getting very reflective and sifting through my past for the first time. It was therapeutic in many ways but also exhausting, upsetting and difficult.

I have been as honest as I can possibly be with the lyrics on this album and have talked about everything from my issues with gambling, loss of family, friends, the music business, my own demons and fears, right though to hope, finding new and real love and happiness and everything that was in between.

My career has been very diverse and I’ve been lucky to have had many amazing opportunities and experiences. Writing and recording this album, by myself during a pandemic at home, is what I’m most proud of.

I didn’t think I was capable of it if I’m honest, so there’s a massive sense of achievement. I was very lucky to have the equipment at home to enable me to get this done with the help of a few friends remotely that mixed the album.

I’m putting myself out there with total honesty for the first time. It’s dedicated to my good friends Susan and Russ, who are sadly no longer with us but I could not have done this without them. This album is a snapshot of time that I’ve managed to capture. It’s about me, my life so far…all 44 years of it. I hope people enjoy the journey!’

From first getting National attention on the BBC’S Fame Academy back in 2003, James has had an illustrious career.

A Career that has included two Top 20 UK Singles to date, representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest, four West End and Broadway lead roles, a Civilian Service Medal for his work entertaining the Armed Forces in Afghanistan and around the World and three performances for Her Majesty The Queen, to name a few highlights.


‘All The Fours’ is an independent release featuring 12 new tracks and was released on Friday 5th February 2021.

Track Listing and Info

Nightfall (mixed by Mads Hauge)
Fire & Coal (mixed by Mads Hauge)
The Rest of Our Lives (mixed by Pete Hobbs)
All The Fours (mixed by Charlie Russell)
Time Will Tell (mixed by Mads Hauge)
Don’t You Hit Me When I’m Down (mixed by Pete Hobbs)
A Fist Full of Anger (mixed by Chris Hewitt)
Our Future’s In The Past (mixed by Chris Hewitt)
Lifeline (mixed by Mads Hauge)
Don’t Let The Rain Stop You (mixed by Chris Hewitt)
I Could Take You Down (mixed by Chris Hewitt)
Hope (mixed by Charlie Russell)
All Songs Written by James Fox
Produced by James Fox*
Mastered by Chris Sansom
All Instruments by James Fox**
Drums by Mike Sorrentino

*“Hope”, Produced by Jon Green. “Our Future’s In The Past” contains additional
production by Jon Green and Chris Hewitt.
**”Hope” Instruments by Jon Green.