Casii Stephan’s “Can’t Handle Me” Is A Soul Funk Good Time

Musician and singer/songwriter Casii Stephan is back with a riveting and fun-loving musical fusion. Called “Can’t Handle Me”, the song leans into a retro soul vibe complete with a poppy hook and funk filled instrumentation. The track is the first single off of her highly anticipated upcoming EP Relationship Status.

“Can’t Handle Me” is all about being single and the lows that often accompany it. From annoying men who won’t get the hint to intoxicated people obnoxiously hitting on you, the song chronicles the times when we wish things were better. Casii confides, “When a drunk guy at the bar can’t get the message that you don’t want to talk to him and he just keeps on talking and talking and talking… We bite our tongues, because the truth is they can’t handle us.”  To record the song, Casii traveled to Muscle Shoals, AL to work with producer Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes, St. Paul and the Broken Bones). The result is a blazing soulful release filled with invigorating rhythms, fearless melodies and fiercely confident vocals. Casii’s unique musical melting pot is on full display in “Can’t Handle Me”.

Casii Stephan is a Minnesota born and bred artist who currently resides in Tulsa.  Since her debut release in 2014, the musician has been making waves performing at SXSW and Folk Alliance showcases as well as at the virtual Sundance Film Festival. With more music coming, be sure to follow Casii for all updates.

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