Collaborative Music Project, Arrows, Drops Fifth Single ‘Wish You The Best’ Featuring Tejas

Mumbai-based independent music project Arrows, the brainchild of musician and music journalist David Britto, released their fifth single, ‘Wish You The Best,’ on September 30th, 2022. The dreamy indie-pop track includes a hooky acoustic guitar refrain, airy soundscapes, a deft production touch, and breezy vocals from Mumbai singer-songwriter Tejas. You can click here to listen. 

With soft melodies, the track creates a beautiful and calm environment that allows the audience to get lost in the song, reminiscing about their loved ones. The knock-like sound addition to the instrumentation created a unique experience, drawing the listener’s attention to the track. 

‘Wish You The Best’ combines Arrows’ ability to tell stories through his songwriting and Tejas’ honeyed vocals, which rested beautifully on a bed of lush sonic elements from acoustic guitars to synths. Additionally, the song’s soft melodies create a track with a peaceful and calm atmosphere, making this song a true delight to listen to.

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