Deadbeat Girl Lays It All Out With New Track, “She Loves Me”

Photo Credit: Jada Solèy Rodriguez

At only 19 years old, NYC-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Deadbeat Girl (aka Valentina Olson) is making quite a name for herself in America’s alt pop scene.

The talented up-and-comer just started releasing music last year and has already earned praise from heavy-hitting publications like Ladygunn and Under The Radar, as well as endorsements from musicians including indie pop fave girl in red.

We sat down to chat with the talented newcomer about her sophomore single, “She Loves Me,” and her plans for what’s next in 2023.


“She Loves Me” is so cathartic. I think a lot of us can relate to being stuck in a relationship that’s not good for us. Was the song autobiographical? How did you go about writing it?

I wrote this song in 2021 in my NYU dorm while reflecting on my first heartbreak that I experienced back at home. I wanted to write an indie folk-esque heartbreak song to really pull at people’s heart strings. In the relationship I wrote about, I had allowed the person to be emotionally abusive because, at the time, I would’ve rather been treated badly than to lose them altogether.


How did you come up with the video for the track?

The song has a really raw feel, so I wanted to put together a music video that has a storyline, but also feels homemade and real. My best friend Sophia Hamade, who was featured as the love interest in the music video, usually brings around a little film camera when we hang out in New York, so I figured we could make an awesome homemade film video. I was also heavily inspired by girl in red’s “i’ll die anyway” music video with the idea of “looking back” at old home videos.


You just started recording your own music during the pandemic, in 2020. How was quarantine life the inspiration you needed to finally release your own material?

I had a lot of time to myself, so I spent a lot of time watching music-related performances and interviews on youtube. I had been playing guitar for a while up to this point, but I had never thought of putting together my own songs until I saw a video of Finneas and Billie Eilish breaking down a song they recorded/produced in their bedroom. It prompted me to get production equipment for my birthday and I immediately started producing and recording my own stuff.


You got accepted into NYU’s songwriting program and moved to New York at 17. Has being in the Big Apple changed or influenced your sound and artistry in any way?

It has definitely inspired a lot of what I do. Out of the songs I have out so far, those were mostly made back before I moved to NYC. But the music I’ve made recently has been heavily influenced by a lot of new wave electronic/alternative music that is popular in the city. However, NYC has had an even greater impact on my aesthetic/image as an artist. The fashion is definitely top-tier. 


It seems like you just started embarking on this musical journey for yourself and yet you’ve already played alongside heavy-hitters like Girl in Red. How did that come about and what was it like to play with her?

I was actually in the crowd at her show and picked out to be pulled on stage. Before the show started, I wrote “let me play ‘i’ll die anyway’ chords” on a massive poster board and she spotted me. She asked me if I knew the chords and if I play guitar. Of course I said yes, so then she pulled me up on stage and I played with her! Definitely such a cool experience. It went really well and she was super sweet. Her and Holly Humberstone also happened to talk about me in an interview for Interview Magazine that came out about a month later, so overall an awesome experience.


What can we expect from your debut EP this year?

Definitely my origins as an independent artist and lots of vulnerability. Throughout the track list, there is growth from teenage heartbreak to moving away and experiencing life as an adult. All of the songs are cohesive in sound but definitely have a variety in genre.


You’ve had such an accomplished life for someone so young. In the spirit of the new year, what are some career goals you’re still looking forward to achieving?

I am in the process of planning shows and working on upcoming shows! I’m looking forward to my music reaching a wider audience and finally being able to play live music for my incredible listeners.


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