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How to sell your music online

It might be hard to sell music at the moment, especially for new and unestablished artists, but there are still ways to do it. While the internet has caused so many problems for the industry and has pretty much all together devalued music, it’s perhaps the best bet you might still have to sell your music. Here are a few ways you can still make money from selling music on the web.


The wonderful world of Bandcamp is the ideal place for an independent artist or small label to sell their wares directly to fans. Bandcamp puts you in control – you can sell whatever you want, at whatever price and it will give you the option to pick which tracks potential customers can hear before purchasing. When you sell something on Bandcamp you don’t set a price, you set the minimum price, and amazingly, people pay over the odds 40% of the time. Bandcamp also functions as a music discovery website which recommends new music to its fans through regular podcasts and articles. Bandcamp is free to use in exchange for a very reasonable 15% sales cut and claims to have helped artists earn almost $340 million so far, paying out $7.6 million in the last 30 days alone.

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Download Stores and Streaming

The best way to get your music on to major download stores and streaming platforms is through a distributor. You might have thought mainstream services like Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music were closed off to unsigned artists like you, but the truth is it’s easier than ever to get your tracks out there. You don’t need heaps of cash or a label backing you to sign with a distributor who will do all the work for you, and you’re in luck – we’ve put together a handy list of five brilliant distributors for new artists. Many of these companies provide a very affordable service that can get your music heard across the globe and listed on massive download stores like Google Play and Amazon. Streaming sites don’t exactly pay well, but as they say, every penny counts!

Have a look at our top five distributors here.

Your Own Website

While your own website might not have as much web traffic as bigger online retailers like Bandcamp or iTunes, it does come with one key advantage – no commission. Not only will you keep 100% of the sales, but you can also use it as an opportunity to try and sell some other merch at the same time and get fans to sign up to your mailing list.

If you haven’t already got a website, consider trying Bandzoogle, where you can have a personal and professional website easily made for you. Prices start from $8.29/month after a free 30-day trial.

Also Worth Considering…


While Soundcloud is best known as a streaming service, you can also use it to sell music. Millions of people use Soundcloud on a regular basis, so why not give them the option to pay for a download?

CD Baby:

CD Baby is a massive download and CD store that you can use to sell your music for no upfront cost and only a 15% sales cut. When you sign up to CD Baby, you will also be able to sell your music through your Facebook page and website.

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