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Cadillac Muzik Showcase Southern-Rap with New Single “Cerebral Celebration”

San Antonio-based Cadillac Muzik showcases their refreshingly southern-rap sound with a new single titled Cerebral Celebration. You can stream the new single by clicking here

“Cerebral Celebration is a song we made that encourages the listener to turn off the world around them, and party in their subconscious for 3 minutes and 15 seconds.  Like many other records from Cadillac Muzik, this one promotes peace,  GoodVibes, and is also very motivating,” explains Cadillac Muzik.

Cousins  Beseja “Caddymack” Moses and Scott Campbell were always drawn to music as kids growing up on the east and west sides of San Antonio, but it wasn’t until 2003, when the duo were in their teens, that they started writing and rapping with their cousins in the local rap group THK (Texas Hardknocks). Like most artists working to find their niche sound, Campbell and Moses would continue to collaborate with other artists until 2010, when they finally landed on their own tone.

“We want listeners to free their minds with this record.  We would love for them to celebrate the good in life, despite all of the negative energy around them.  Staying positive, absorbing good energy, and keeping a fresh mind, is the best way to be in the year 2020.  We strive to only enlighten and elevate people with our sound, and that is this record does.  We just gotta give people something that will motivate them and give them the energy to move forward.” explains Cadillac Muzik.

The duo find their influences from Houston’s UGK to alt-rappers A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, and the psychedelic funk collective Parliament Funkadelic.

With new music on the horizon for 2021, the San Antonio-based duo isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

You can learn more about Cadillac Muzik by visiting them on Instagram.

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