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Catching Up With Marcos G

Pop newcomer marcos g is responsible for one of the finest records this year, dropping ‘Dancefloor’ back in March. The album makes for a stunning 19 minutes of listening, so much so, we wanted to chat with marcos about all things writing, lockdown, and more. Check it out below:

Hi Marcos, how are you finding lockdown?

“Hey! I’ve actually come to terms with the lockdown slowly but surely. Even though, where I’m at we’re aiming to open places back up and return to normal, it’s still gonna be entirely different than the “normal” we knew. I’ve been doing my best to write and record from home which is something I’d never do before since I had no set up, but it’s been getting easier and I’m honestly really loving just staying in the comfort of my own four walls haha.”

Has this period helped or hindered your writing?

“It’s definitely been a blessing and a curse. I feel like prior to this I was just starting to write a little bit more about myself as opposed to writing from different perspectives, like I usually do. But with this pause on life we’re going through there’s not much going on lol. So it’s been fun writing from third person views again and writing about fictitious situations how I used to do a lot.”

What inspired your Dancefloor album?

“Throughout the project you get an overall sense of sadness even over “happier” instrumentals. You have songs like “stay” which sound kind of meloncholy but then you have “dancefloor” and “like that” which although they sound like fun tracks have lyrics that aren’t necessarily about the best of times. Throughout the writing and recording of this project I was getting over a break up that, honestly, was a lot more messier than it had to be and I was pretty down about that amongst some things that come from that break up that I had to let it all out on the project. I don’t regret writing sad songs, I feel like it’s definitely going to serve as a time capsule of some sort, whenever I want to look back at a time but it’s songs, and words that definitely needed to be sung and said haha.”

What is the most important track on the record for you and why?

“I love “single (on the weekend)” because I feel like it’s my baby in a way haha. I wrote that track spontaneously on a 20 min drive to the studio and it’s one of my first songs ever but I gotta say “dancefloor”. That track was so sick to record and write, it took place my first trip to New York and it honestly felt so surreal, I’m usually not a fan of packed sessions, with lots of people just staring haha, but that one was different, everyone was really feeling it, writing together, it was one of my first real tastes of what this new life and road I was aiming for would be like. I also was on the clock because I had an early morning flight back home but everything just felt right. I definitely hold that song very close to me because of the experience.”

What do you do when you’re not writing music?

“When I’m not writing music I’m working with second graders haha. It sounds like something you wouldn’t expect from someone who travels as frequently as I tend to (pre-COVID) but I tend to always take the red eye to make it just in time for class. Prior to recording my first batch of songs, I was already studying and getting my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. Working with young kids has always been a passion of mine solely because of the difference and impact you can make on someone else. There’s never a dull moment and it’s something I’d love to find a balance and have my “artist”- self and “educator”-self meet somewhere in the middle.”

If you could curate a 3-day festival, who would headline each night?

“I would definitely have Frank Ocean on the last night because that’s a no-brainer. I’d have Justin Bieber singing only songs from his “Journals” project on the first night lol just because that project is kinda insane and I doubt he’ll ever sing them live again. That’s one of the projects I think influenced my sound the most honestly. Then I’d have Kanye on the second night. I’d ask Kanye to perform Yeezus in its entirety and then TLOP as well plus any other ones he’d like haha. But that’d be my 3 day headlining line up.”




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