Ducky Neptune are a Nashville based outfit who love to branch into differing genres. From indie rock to neo-soul, these four have recently released their latest single of exploration in ‘Charlie’, a sumptuous indie-soul groove of a track. Full of quirks and soul surprises throughout, the band also lean on pop-woven melodies that catch the ear in “Dance, dance, dance, forget your name” in what is a luscious treat for fans of indie, soul, and everything in between.

We caught up with Ducky Neptune too learn more about them, their musical inspirations and what’s in store for the year ahead, exclusively for Music Crowns.

Hey Ducky Neptune, welcome to Music Crowns! Sum up your music for us in three words? 

Psychedelic Surf- Soul


Who are your main musical heroes/influences?

Our musical influences vary amongst the group.We all love different genres and I believe that is kind of the most interesting part of it all. Our influence comes a bit less from style and more from work ethic. Bands like Idles mean a lot to us, in the sense of their persistent drive. Whatever it takes, sacrifice all of it.


How does it feel to have your debut project out in the world?

We are slowly rolling out the recordings we made almost a year ago. It feels good to finally share. Music is certainly digested differently in this TikTok, digital age. We plan on releasing the majority of the songs from ‘INSENSITIVE PLASTIC’ as singles. This gives us time to build an audience and hone our release craft. The lead single ‘Charlie’ is certainly a turning point in our release strategy.


What is the lead single ‘Charlie’ about?

Haha give it a listen and let us know. In short, “isolation solace.” Ultimately, we want the listener to interpret it how they need to.


‘Charlie’ leans on psychedelic, neo-soul and even indie-rock in some moments, was this always the aim? 

The aim is to keep coming into our sound, whatever that may be. We don’t aim for a genre, we do emphasize certain tonalities. You’ll hear that congruency as we roll out the rest of the album ‘Insensitive Plastic.’  We describe it as psychedelic surf-soul. Who knows, we may change  up the vibe a bit in the next batch.


You venture into many genres of music, are there plans to record another batch of work this year? 

Yes, we may or may have not started on a new batch already. It’s funny you ask about genre. We actually recorded an entire album that we didn’t release, prior to ‘Insensensitive Plastic’ . It had a neo-soul vibe on one track, punk rock the next, psychedelic on the following, even a blues number thrown in. It was all over the place, and that is, in part, why it never saw the light of day. Insider info: check out Ducky Neptune live at county Q on Youtube to see what we are talking about.


And lastly, will you be planning to take your music on tour in 2023?

Regional touring, here in the U.S.Tennessee,  Illinois, Kentucky, the Carolina’s, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Texas… Still looking at breaking into the Pacific Northwest and we want to jump the pond to the UK and play some festivals. Please, any and all, email With BOOKING in the title and we will make sure the right eyes see it!


Listen to ‘Charlie’ now: