Gotta Run! Listen to Newest Anna de Ferran Song in an Exclusive Interview

She’s not affraid of success and we must enjoy that in form of music! Listen to Infinity, newest song from Anna de Ferran and Hotway.


Daughter of worldwide famous Gil de Ferran –  French-born Brazilian professional racing driver and team owner, 2000 and 2001 Champ Car champion driving for Team Penske, winner of the 2003 Indianapolis 500 and former director for McLaren on Formula One – of course inspiration is not a problem for young Ana De Ferran.

I remember when Lee Foss used to tour the world with Anabel Englund and that vocal has something to do with what Anna de Ferran is presenting recently in her tracks. Of course here on Music Crowns we are tunned with the freshest – and hottest – coming from all  over the world, so here we are to get to know more about what she’s doing in this EXCLUSIVE interview and, of course, to listen to the preview of her next release, this week on Fine Business Music, Infinity, first on Music Crowns!





Music Crowns: First of all, thanks a lot for this interview and congratulations, I simply loved your tracks. To start, let`s get back in time. How did music join your life?

Anna: I loved music from a young age.  There was always music in my house growing up! A few friends and I started a band when we were 12 and it all grew from there!  We all lived on the same street in Oxford and would play together after school.


Music Crowns: Besides singing, do you play any musical instrument? 

Anna: I play the piano.


Music Crowns: What sounds have influenced you the most on this journey so far?

Anna: Hmmm… I have so many! I pull influence from so many different places so it’s hard for me to pick the one that has influenced me the most! Actually some of my favourite DJs are Brazilian! I draw a lot of influence from Vintage Culture – I like how he can navigate through different sub genres and make it fun! I also really respect SKIY – as another female DJ I really look up to her and everything she has achieved.  I particularly love some of her older songs. There are just so many I could name… from claptone to beduoin, from chris lake to purple disco machine! 


Music Crowns: What are the most important facts that marked your music life?

Anna: I have had a lot of big turning points in my music career.  I have been close to giving up many times and in all those moments something pulled me back to music which has only fueled my passion.  The most recent milestone in my career has been the creation of L’Amigas Collective which is an all female DJ collective that a friend of mine started to help support other females in the industry. 


“I started off in pop music – and that part of my brain and taste is still very much ingrained in me… what electronic music gave to me was freedom to break boundaries and try new things.  Staying true to the spirit of house music in my head means that I bring in elements from all genres but still get the party started!”


Music Crowns: Please, share a few words about this amazing track coming, Infinity, in your own words…

Anna: Infinity takes you on a journey.  A journey through whatever it is you want to explore but are afraid to.  It is written to help you let go of your fears and enter this space in your mind and your emotions that you are free.  Even if only for a short period of time! We shot the cover and promo underwater with the talented photographer Phoebe Fitz to represent the cleansing of your soul in this new place of freedom.


Music Crowns: Comment on the creative process with Hotway.

Anna: We started this project last year in lockdown so I’ve actually never met Hotway in person! But we connected immediately and I had a great time creating this song with him.  



Music Crowns: You have previous release on Fine Business Music called Silence, a collab with Jopin, and now you are back to the record label. Please comment:

Anna: I love working with Fine Business Music! They are very supportive throughout the whole creative process.  I hope to do a lot more work with them.


Music Crowns: What’s next for Anna de Ferran?

Anna: I’m currently touring Europe.  I am DJing in London and Italy over the next few months.  The second half of the year I’ll be performing in Miami and working on next music to release over the winter!  

Get to know more of Anna de Ferran music here: