Sam Segurado is an artist who’s personal journey is something to truly behold. From Ireland to St Petersburg, Sam has managed to look inwards to reveal and vulnerable, honest and quite simply stunning brand of indie music that sets him apart from his counterparts. His new single ‘JJ’ is both a euphoric and anthemic indie-infused offering that is intoxicating and leaves you wanting more – it’s modern yet nostalgic, which is exactly what adds to the excellence of the songwriting and production in ‘JJ’.

We sat down with Sam to learn more about his craft exclusively for Music Crowns. Watch the stunning music video below too so you can discover your new favourite artist today in Sam Segurado.


Hey Sam, how are you doing?? 

Swell as can be, the day that’s in it.


Sum up your new single ‘JJ’ in three words…

Oh that’s tough, that’s like trying to write one of those one-sentence horror stories. Actually for some musicians that question is a one-sentence horror story.

Let’s say: shield, night, comfort.


What was the recording and writing process like for it?

So far writing comes easy for me, most of the lyrics came to me when I sat down with my guitar, some came while riding the St Petersburg metro to and from work, and some I stole from the Jessica Jones tv show and the video game Final Fantasy VIII.
We started recording this back in summer 2018, set up in my dad’s garage in Portugal. I didn’t expect it to take this long to make the second album, but this record, The Remainder, is about coming out the end of hard times, so its creation is living up to its own message in that way.

I met Shane Becker (of Indian Run) on the Bon Iver subreddit and he ended up coming on board to help finish what Stephen Lovatt and I started back in 2018, both for the previous single Overspace, and now for JJ.


Who are your biggest musical influences?

I call them my “J” trinity: Jeff Buckley, Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) and Josh Ritter. They’re the three artists I immersed myself in so deep I think everything I do contains a part of them. When I was younger it was Goo Goo Dolls, Smashing Pumpkins, I think I still carry around those 90s rock sensibilities in me which come out in a track like JJ.


Watch the music video here:


You’ve had quite a journey so far, do you think you would be in the same place if you didn’t create music?

I think travelling around a lot was often for love or escape, probably in hindsight it would have benefitted the music career more to stay put in one place. So it looks like music hasn’t had much of an impact on where I went, moreso that it was my one constant as I did go from place to place. Maybe without it I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable travelling in the first place?


‘JJ’ delves deep into the strengths and experiences of women, what compelled you to write about this topic? We’re so glad you did!

It was back in 2017, which looking back I now realise was when the #metoo movement really gained steam. I must have rewatched that first season of Jessica Jones around then too, which is where the song title came from and just stuck. There are enough patriarchal horror stories to last us a lifetime, the song just came out of me, but I’m not speaking for women, I’m just touching upon the shit they’ve endured as an outsider.


And lastly, tell us about what’s coming up for Sam Segurado in 2023?

More, better, faster, louder music. And a return to some live gigs come the summer.

Stream ‘JJ’ here too: