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Spreading creativity with Syrian/Australian rapper OraciónSaint

What inspires your music?

Pain, Love, Hate.  I love death more than I love life and tho to others I might seem depressing, to me it’s beautiful.  The trick is, if you experience more life, there’s more to tell through creativity.  If you accept death, you’re truly free and that’s something that stops me collaborating with other artists. They’re too attached to things. While I’m here for the journey.

How did you get into music?

When my dad (God rest his soul) was murdered when I was 12, I made a tribute to him. It was a way I could vent really, eventually people who heard me rap along to songs said I have a good tone.  Wasn’t until 2014 I started to consider music, at that time I was surrounded by a dozen artists who made a name for them selves. I found my self in a studio and making friends with radio hosts and directors.

What have you got coming up for you next?

I’m dropping a few mixtapes, along with music videos. In fact I got a new music video for a song called “Last December” dropping on the 15th of this month as a starter track from my new mixtape “iLoveSadGirls” which doesn’t have a release date yet.  “Last December” is a post rock song about deep alienation facing depression and loneliness from a toxic relationship.

Tell us about your recent release?

“Ryu” was a bop I made that was done for the sake for a vibe.  I don’t overthink what I do, I just do. It was how I felt in that moment and it’s a mood I get into when observing people trying too hard.

What can we expect from you in the coming years?

Anything and Everything. I could wake up tomorrow and make a dance hall song or a heavy new age screamo rap song. Though I have a target in mind and if I’m successful you’ll definitely hear about it.

How does it feel to release music during these times?

Honestly like any other day but better, in fact … I’m grateful for these times. The more people home the more streams for me.

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