Feature: Justin Kemp Band Releases New Music Video for ‘Borrow A Kiss’

Justin Kemp Band pays close attention to detail in their new music video for their single ‘Borrow A Kiss’ that was released on November 17th, 2021. Precisely showcased in this music video, small intricate details, such as the ‘Lovers Lane’ street sign, a ‘cheesy pickup lines’ booklet in his back pocket, the guy at the counter eating popcorn as he watches their encounter unfold then playing the drums at the end, and how the street sign name changed to ‘Cheesy St’ in the very last frame. The impressionistic location that this video was filmed at portrays a small town that automatically makes audiences feel a sense of nostalgia. 

Panning to a rustic, old business window advertising quilts that he walks past sets the stage for the opening scene in the coffee shop next door. Little does he know that his world is about to completely turn upside down when he finally meets the woman he has been waiting for. The minute she walks through the front door, he is instantly entranced by her natural beauty and the way that she carries herself. He takes it upon himself to approach her at the register and recite a cheesy pickup line, like one out of the book he was just seen reading from at the table when she walked in. Throughout the entirety of the song, the band is set up singing as the entertainment in the coffee shop as the camera switches back and forth between the “not yet” couple and the band. 

The chorus begins with his opening line ‘Do you come here often / have you been here before. I think I lost my number girl / can I have yours’ which to his surprise, she already doesn’t seem interested. He proceeds with ‘will you sweeten up my cup / though I usually drink it black. Can I borrow a kiss / if I promise to give it back’ which makes her roll her eyes and walk away. During the second chorus, she is actually seen leaving after showing very little noticeable interest in talking to him; to which he follows her out the front door yelling his number while he tries to get her attention while she walks away. Just when you would least expect it, a sweet plot twist perfectly spices up the mood of the video when she actually texts him back. Her bittersweet response includes all of the answers to his questions and she finally agrees to lend him a kiss if he promises to give it back. 

Justin Kemp Band’s lyrical talent, warm vocal inflections and ability to incorporate ironic humor into almost every scene is brought to light in this upbeat, playful and beautifully produced cinematic novelty. His continual attempt to win over a stranger’s heart pays tribute to the universally relatable dilemma that anyone can experience during the beginning stages of a new romantic relationship. I can guarantee that audiences alike are going to enjoy watching the ever-so awkward first encounter unfold before their eyes in this timeless country classic, ‘Borrow A Kiss’ that successfully encapsulates the true beauty and power of ‘love at first sight’.

Connect with the Justin Kemp Band: justinkempband.com