‘Kid Again’ showcases energetic beats and Keon Hill’s slick vocal style, as his nostalgic lyrics are unleashed at super fast speeds

Hailing from Yorkshire, UK Artist Keon Hill continues to push boundaries with his music.

His journey marked with relentless ambition and commitment to his craft, has taken him from his hometown to the bustling streets of London and even beyond, with performances in iconic destinations like Crete and the dazzling lights of Las Vegas.

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Keon’s early years were steeped in the vibrant culture sounds of his surroundings.

Growing up in a council estate UK Garage music was a big influence in Keon’s early introduction into music.

A natural entertainer, Keon is not only a gifted musician but also an accomplished event host, captivating audiences across the UK, Crete and Las Vegas with his magnetic stage presence.

After several years as a resident and International host Keon took a step back from hosting, leaving time to develop his own sound while learning for to produce himself.

After relocating to London, Keon embarked on a journey that would shape his musical career.

He meticulously produced eight records, each a testament to his artistic vision and dedication.

This creative endeavour bore fruit, with 5 of his releases soaring to top 3 placements on the iTunes / Apple Music charts, culminating in the ultimate triumph—a #1 hit with his single ‘Rolling.’

‘Kid Again’ is a track from Keon’s back catalogue and one that showcases his energetic beats and slick vocal style, as his nostalgic lyrics are unleashed at super fast speeds.