Matney Is “All Fired Up” In Blazing Rock Single

Southern rock artist Matney has just shared his gritty and ferocious new single. Called “All Fired Up”, the veteran musician teamed up with platinum selling guitarist/producer Steve Salas who has worked with legends including Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart for the enticing effort. The song is the first track off of his upcoming full length album released via Roulette Records.

“All Fired Up” begins with an unforgettable guitar hook that is blazing and dynamic. Matney’s vocals soon enter the picture. His signature tone and confident delivery are highlighted in this upbeat and fiery track. “All Fired Up” also features dynamic drums and sing-a-long worthy melodies for a well-crafted rock tune. The song, thematically, is all about having a damn good time. From being out on the town to feeling cocky and living life in the moment, Matney reminds listeners to grab life by the horns and live truly and authentically. He sings “turning heads and kicking up, looking good make a preacher lust,” showing that he knows his worth and attraction. The song features elements of hard rock, metal, blues and Southern rock for an exciting mix.

Matney is a Virginia based artist who has overcome addiction, grief and loss. The artist captivates hearts with his fun persona and inviting music, inspiring others to realize there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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