MONTE Kicks it Into High Gear on New Single “Dysfunctional Mess”

MONTE is a three-piece punk band from Brooklyn. Their latest single “Dysfunctional Mess” a triumphant breakup anthem built from the broken pieces of a toxic relationship. Lead singer Caitlin Montclare reclaims her spirit over fearless lyrics that cut through the lies and deceit of a tumultuous connection.

“Dysfunctional Mess” pounds the pavement with fury-fueled riffs, frantic percussion, and cataclysmic vocals that start a riot. Montclare sings, “I wish you could have seen the best before you saw the worst in me.” The single ruminates on the nature of heartbreak and the unexpected silver linings that surface from disaster. “Dysfunctional Mess” is a reminder to choose ourselves despite the uncertainty that lies ahead.

MONTE is made up of members Caitlin Montclare (Vocals and Guitar), Meghan Rose (Harmonies and Bass) and Ismael Baiz (Drums). Their highly anticipated first full-length album is set for release in 2024. “Dysfunctional Mess” is MONTE’s latest release offering a window inside Montclare’s experience with heartbreak and healing.

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