Music Crowns Features Jeff Tuohy’s New Single ‘Old Roads’

After his swamp water-soaked single ‘The Devil’s in New Orleans’, eclectic singer-songwriter Jeff Tuohy has released his second single ‘Old Roads’ from his upcoming album Hudson Delta on July 14th.  Download and Stream

It isn’t often that we feel the urge to move ourselves to a song we hear for the first time, and it’s even less often that we are singing along by the last chorus during that initial listen. Cue ‘Old Roads.’ Jeff Tuohy’s newest release is a slow burning, anthemic ballad about returning to one’s roots and appreciating the elements that sculpted their character. 

For Tuohy, his roots go back to idyllic Southbury, CT. “The riff was something I’d play when sound checking my acoustic guitar. The pre-chorus and hook struck while staring at the ocean on Rockaway Beach with my friends, Nathanial and Rachel,” the singer says. It’s the memories of riding hybrid bikes down dirt roads with his friend Jonny B. that provided him with the unique story that is told in ‘Old Roads.’

The single can be seen as many things: A love letter to small town America, and an homage paid to the abundant memories one has of their hometown’s streets, and a sign of what’s to come next as Jeff’s journey continues. ‘Old Roads’ is a song that anyone can find meaning in, which is a sign of a true artist and lyricist.

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