Music Crowns Premieres Joshua Red Uttech Self-Reflection Video ‘A Little Bit of Change’

Joshua Red Uttech’s library has always stemmed from a place of vulnerability and self-truth. While it may take on different stylistic elements than previous cuts, ‘A Little Bit of Change’ continues to stem from this channel of self-actualization, offering lyrics that are vague enough to allow as much self-reflection in the audience as it does for the artist. Uttech’s accompanying video for his single makes a heavy use of the surrounding nature in the Seattle area, painting a scene of what we typically perceive as a more serene and open environment for intellectual repair. This desire for change is assumed to have come from the aftermath of surviving a nasty car wreck, the beginning of the video displaying a car post-collision and a hospital shot of Uttech having sustained an injury on his right eye. The song itself seems almost as much of a landmark for the artist to make change in his own life as much as it is an addition to his catalog. Such a heavy life experience will only fuel Uttech’s writing and creativity in what is next to come. You can find the Seattle-based artist’s music on Spotify or on his website at