Musicians who ditched cigarettes for vapes

It’s common knowledge that the rockstar lifestyle goes hand in hand with drinking, smoking and everything in between. But now, we live in a more health conscious era and many musicians have ditched the smokes and made the transition into the vape world.

You name it; Keith Richards, Courtney Love, Bob Marley, and even Miley Cyrus have all been known to enjoy a smoke now and again… or all of the time in some cases. Smoking even became so much a part of certain musicians identities they were allowed to smoke in venues during performances.

Nowadays, smoking doesn’t yield the same rebellious stance it once did, hence many artists making the switch to more positive, health-conscious methods. Below we’ve rounded up some of the most influential musicians around today who are about that vape life.

Christina Milian

Def Jam signee Christina Milian is such an avid vaper now that she even took to Instagram back in 2015 to share an image of her new vaping gear. Best known for her iconic party track ‘Am to Pm‘ Milian has saved her vocal chords by making the switch from cigarettes.

Katy Perry

Widely recognised avid e-cig user Katy Perry is best known for her support of vaping when she shared a vape pen with Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes. She’s said before she kissed a girl and she liked it – the other girl probably did too thanks to her lack of smokey breath.

Robbie Williams

Ex Take That member Robbie Williams took to Twitter back in 2016 to ask fans where he could get his vape fix in London after giving up smoking. Replies swarmed in in the hundreds to help Robbie get back on his vape game as soon as possible.


Zayn Malik is not shy to being photographed engulfed in an enchanting puff of smoke – especially in his Paper Mag cover shot. Since then, the former One Direction singer has been photographed multiple times enjoying his e-cig showing his smouldering gaze is the only smokey thing about him.  Maybe it was a Hayati Pro Ultra?

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters‘ frontman Dave Grohl was pictured recently picking up his vape requirements in BC, Canada. Now the vape shop not only smells like delicious e-liquid, but it also smells like teen spirit.