Newcomer Sarah Ryder Releases Debut Album “Seasons of the Fall”

Country newcomer Sarah Ryder celebrates the release of her new album titled “Seasons of the Fall,” which was released on May 6th. You can stream the project here.

Seasons Of The Fall is my first full-length record and I’m so excited to share it. It highlights the many seasons of love. The hope it brings, the fun, the hurt, the vulnerability. It’s my love stories up to this point in my life,” explains Sarah.


  1. Another Fool (Sarah Ryder, Marc Copely, Johnny Garcia)
  2. Halfway House (Sarah Ryder, Davis Corley)
  3. Woman (Sarah Ryder, PJ Ju)
  4. One & Only (Sarah Ryder, Marc Copely, Johnny Garcia)
  5. Snapshot Memory (Sarah Ryder, Marc Copely, Johnny Garcia)
  6. Pullin’ Weeds (Sarah Ryder, Marc Copely, Johnny Garcia)
  7. Break My Heart Again (Sarah Ryder, Davis Corley)
  8. Long Fall (Sarah Ryder, Davis Corley)
  9. Get Back (Sarah Ryder, Marc Copely)
  10. You Ain’t Nothing But A Heartbreak (David Gibson, John Scott Sherrill)
  11. Dance With Me (Sarah Ryder, Mark Stephen Jones)

The entire project showcases the pure talent from Ryder that’s absolutely indescribable. The project has a mix of country roots from the incredible instruments throughout and the heartfelt to boldness; Ryder’s debut project is an album to remember.

The 11-track project was produced by renowned musician and producer Johnny Garcia (Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood) at Busy At Play Publishing.

To learn more about Sarah Ryder follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.