‘Over You’ begins with a mellow and calming intro before Tonal Vision showcase their smooth and soulful vocals alongside catchy beats

Tonal Vision are an electronic pop duo based out of Vancouver, Canada.

The concept was created by two totally blind artists, Jugpreet Bajwa and Justine On Green.

Despite coming from very different musical and cultural backgrounds.

The duo shared the same common goal of spreading love and unity through their music and decided to do something about it.

Through their artistic creativity, they show the world the ways in which they can see, all through the sounds and tones that they create.

Both artists are blessed with perfect pitch, and Justine also has synesthesia, the ability to feel music as motion.

They believe that music is the biggest medium to connect the world through a spiritual lens, stressing the concept of humanity above everything else.

Their primary genres include Pop and EDM, while also fusing elements of world music through the use of both musical and vocal instruments.

Tonal Vision recently released their new single ‘Over You’.

The song begins with a mellow and calming intro before the duo showcase their smooth and soulful vocals alongside catchy beats.


Jugpreet Bajwa is an internationally acclaimed Bollywood singer.

His career accomplishments include placing third out of 150,000 participants on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, which is the Indian equivalent to American Idol.

Jugpreet regularly sings the national anthem for the Vancouver Canucks, Whitecaps and more.

Justine On Green is a music producer, songwriter and artist.

She has been blessed to work with and learn from multiple Grammy winning Producers and is currently pitching songs to multiple top 40 pop stars.

Her previous work has received streams from over 20 different countries, top 40 radio play across Canada and media attention on an international level.