Review: Marko Bojkovic – Venom

Review by MJ Hayes

Marko Bojkovic released a new album titled Venom on July 29, 2022. The album consists of nine songs.

Venom is a very heavy album and I absolutely loved the guitar work. The self-titled track really showcased the heavy riffs and helped set the course for the rest of the album. ‘Maximum Carnage’ also had nice guitar work as well. Hard, heavy, and head bang worthy riffs.

There were also a few guests on the album. It featured Chris Savipulos, who did vocals for the songs ‘LifeLong Bloodshed’, ‘Agony of Loss’, ‘My Strength Returning’, ‘Dragon Soul’, and ‘Escape from the City’.



Francesco Pinter helped with the song ‘Category 5’. Anthony DiFiglio helped on ‘My Strength Returning’, and Johnny Ray helped with ‘Escape from the City’.

In all I highly recommend this album for fans of bands like Trivium and Meshuggah. With Marko’s guitar work plus the vocals, it’s definitely worth a listen for anyone that enjoys heavy metal, with some
screaming vocals.

Venom is currently playing across all digital streaming platforms.

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