‘The Spirit in my Heart’ sees Mad Panda deliver smooth synth melodies and trippy guitar riffs

Mad Panda are an alternative musical duo from Braintree, England.

Mad Panda are Zac and Sid, who have been inseparable friends since early 2010, after becoming acquainted thanks to a mutual friend.

In 2013 the duo began their path on the musical journey when they formed Gizmo.

The duo create experimental alternative music with beautiful soundscapes and powerful lyrics and in this version they wrote an EP flippantly called ‘Can People start taking us seriously now?’, which was played on BBC Introducing (Essex).

We now fast forward to 2016, when the two friends returned to Braintree after having finished Academic studies.

Zac and Sid began to dream once more of being a band and from this dream Mad Panda was born.

It took a while for the duo to figure out the logistics of it all and this involved them learning quite a few new skills, including self-production, marketing and everything else associated with performing and releasing new music.

Mad Panda then spent the next two years songwriting, which resulted in them amassing around 30 or so unrecorded songs.

‘The Spirit in my Heart’ is one of the 30 or so songs that Mad Panda had penned.

The track delivers smooth synth melodies and trippy guitar riffs.