‘Walking Away’ has an anthemic feel to it as the lyrics from Dominik Monz provide a social commentary of sorts

Dominik Monz is a French-German musician whose music is…yeah what is it?

His songs are simple, raw and reduced, recorded at home with simple equipment.

Sad, serious, funny. About his nephew’s death, wasted lifetime, a sunbeam in spring or doing things that are not good for us.

Dominik Monz started playing in a punk rock band, that fell asleep after a few years as so many do.

As he didn’t find a new musical family, he started recording at home and released his first songs, a collection of raw punk rock-ish songs as BiG FiSH RADiO.

Although he wanted to start a new band, he also tried playing alone and participated in a singer-songwriter battle where he failed bitterly in the first round.

Still, he fell in love with playing his songs just with an acoustic guitar, pure and reduced.

You can never know what his next song will be like, a rock song with distorted guitars or reduced and acoustic.

He plays his songs as he feels like and he says about himself “I can’t sing. I can’t play. I do it anyway.”

‘Walking away’ has an anthemic feel to it as the lyrics provide a social commentary of sorts.

The melody is catchy thanks to the arrangement and vocals of Dominik Monz.