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Willie Lock releases acoustic holiday tune ‘Footprints’ (Exclusive)

Singer/songwriter Willie Lock releases highly anticipated new Christmas single Footprints.

NYC-based artist Willie Lock is known for his high energy stage presence, soaring vocals, and infectious hooks. Although Lock is now a staple in the New York music scene, it was in Bloomington, Indiana where he was both classically trained and reintroduced to his love of country music.

When asked about his inspiration for the single, Willie answered with, 2020 has certainly been a tough year. Many of us have lost friends, family members, loved ones, careers, and businesses. Many of us have also spent a lot of time at home, alone, without much human interaction. The holidays can heighten that sense of loneliness, especially on the heels of losing someone or something special,” Willie said. “However, the magic of the holidays always provides a sense of magic and hope, and little things like a favorite Christmas song on the radio, or the entire town lit up with Christmas lights, remind us of the many memories made with those who we’ve lost. I wrote this song about missing someone special around the holidays, with the goal of providing comfort to anyone going through a similar experience.”

Having honed his stellar musical skills during the childhood of singing in church choirs, Lock has developed a truly impressive genre-fusing sound that automatically resonates with his growing fanbase across the USA and the rest of the world.

“This song should make the listener think of their favorite Christmas memories. Caroling in the street, watching football with family, decorating the tree, and looking at the town square lit up with Christmas lights are all feelings I wanted to capture in this song,” Willie explains.

Willie was originally a part of the national touring acapella group Gentleman’s Rule. Their most acclaimed release was a cover of Rhianna’s Five Four Seconds” which got coverage on Billboard & MTV. Additionally, Gentleman’s Rule joined Jake Owen for a cover of Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

When it comes to celebrating the holidays himself, Willie has some special traditions: “Growing up I was a boy chorister for the Washington National Cathedral choir and I go to their annual lessons and carols with my family every year. It is a beautiful place to be around the holiday season, with joyful music, lights, and flowers setting the scene,” he says.

You can connect with Willie Lock by visiting www.willielock.com and connecting digitally on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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