Q&A with music veteran Kēvens

In an increasingly divisive world, where age, nationality, race, and religion are creating an ever-widening gap between people, Kēvens is on a quintessential mission: utilize the power of his music to bring souls from all four corners of this world to dance together. 

With skills and artistry, this former DJ turned Actor/Singer/Songwriter, strives to take everyone to a higher level of consciousness while embracing and channeling his world-beat influences and personal growth. His music is promoting a theme of multiculturalism, spiritual enlightenment, artistic expression, and positivism. His new single, “Legal Dreamers”, is a great example.

We got to chat with Kēvens around this new release.

– Hi Kēvens, your new track “Legal Dreamers,” blends reggae and EDM. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this unique fusion of genres?

I would love to. In my local reggae circle in the late nineties, I was the first reggae artist I knew of to venture into the EDM scene. In 1994, I did a tv commercial that aired in the UK, during my visits there, I would go to drum and bass parties and was taken by the evolution of the reggae sound. A few years later, I was part of a show in Miami with Roni Size  Reprazent . I decided to start working on my live show dedicated to both reggae and edm, and I’ve been polishing that sound ever since .

– “Legal Dreamers” is described as a unifying force in an increasingly divided world. How do you hope your music can bridge the gaps between people of different ages, nationalities, races, and religions?

Is world peace too much to ask? Perhaps, but I do hope to touch the soul of humanity one being at a time. Music is universal, dancing is cathartic; I aim to bring people from all different backgrounds together to dance, to connect, and to heal.

– Your music in general promotes multiculturalism, spiritual enlightenment, artistic expression, and positivism. Can you talk about the messages you aim to convey through your music and the impact you hope to have on your listeners?

Legal Dreamers is a call to action for people to come together and work towards a better future. My goal with this song is to inspire all who hear it to focus on healing the community at large, gain mental strength , inspire and renew a sense of oneness.

As a servant of The Most High, music is my vehicle to remind my brothers and sisters throughout the world that WE ARE ONE. So when I see the trials and tribulations migrants suffer from trying to come to the land of the Free, it makes me wonder when we the human race will truly be evolved. With all the wealth that is in the world, there should be no suffering, hunger, or homelessness.

– You’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with legends and prodigies from various genres, as well as perform for big festivals. How has collaborating with such a diverse range of artists influenced your own musical style and performances?

When you see the next man who has been on the grind longer than you achieving success, nothing is more inspiring than that. Without having to compare myself with any of those artists, the lesson has been simple, keep pushing, keep perfecting until you reach your limit.

– As a global citizen, you embrace the mantra “Positivity is a Necessity”. What does it mean to you exactly?

No matter what difficulties I go through in life, I always remind myself through this Moto that a calm mind will shed light on a way out of any situation.

– Could you share a bit about your musical journey and how it has led you to this point in your career? What have been some of the most significant milestones or moments for you along the way?

The answer to that question awaits you on my website’s about page. But I’ll say this, in 2013, I performed back to back with the Jacksons at the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The show was televised on TV1, I was told that event was seen throughout Russia and all her territories, to an audience of 50 million. Growing up watching Michael Jackson and his brothers on TV, never did I dream of sharing the stage with any of them.

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