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Nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter, MOLI, has been making an impact in the Berlin music scene with her sugary and luxuriant sad-pop tunes that soundtrack the lives of jilted lovers and broken-hearted twenty-somethings.

Born and raised in a French-speaking area of Belgium to English parents, MOLI grew up on an eclectic mix of music, from the classic songwriting of Toto, introduced to her by her father, to the whimsicality of French pop that she would hear on the radio.

A student of music from a young age, she was dedicated to learning the violin with dreams of pursuing a career as a concert violinist. As MOLI entered her teens, she fell in love with contemporary music – most notably sumptuous R&B and heartbreaking dance-pop and traded in her violin in favour of sultry pop vocals.

Since moving to Berlin in recent years, her talent has blossomed within the flourishing underground music scene. From featuring on EDM duo Two-Lanes’ track, ‘Let Me Go’, to collaborating with the likes of dance and electronic producer, Fabich, MOLI is constantly broadening her musical horizons.

Her latest singles, including ‘Didn’t Mean To’, are sumptuous R&B odes to the pitfalls of non-comital modern dating and demonstrate a sharp ear for the catchiest pop hooks. MOLI is rapidly creating a sound that is entirely her own.

Eleanor Philpot

After graduating with a degree in English with Creative Writing, Eleanor began writing freelance for various music magazines and websites including Soyoung, Clash, The Line of Best Fit and See You Mate. Her journalistic writing has spanned a vast variety of styles, including in-depth long-reads, snappy Q&As and detailed low downs on various music scenes. As an editorial Intern at Music Crowns, she spends her time penning thoughtful and engaging articles - from round-ups of the hottest tracks to uncovering underground gems.

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