11 LIT3S brings us into his world with huge single ‘Candles & Clarity’

11 LIT3S has worked with the very best. A highly prolific and successful songwriter, he has wrote with the likes of Rihanna, James Arthur and many more in his time as a multi-talented sought after artist. Releasing music on his own has always been ore for the joy of it rather than a serious notion, but with a plethora of new material that stands out alongside a collection of innovative merchandise that fans can buy, he introduces us all to his new found sound and direction with ‘Candles & Clarity’.

A catchy and hugely potent song that is largely lending onto the R&B sonics, ‘Candles & Clarity’ delves into the world of immersive listening and making it more than easy to just sit in and enjoy the ride he takes you on. With some amazing female vocals featuring, it is almost reminiscent of a classic Rihanna song, but with a modern, enhanced twist. Check out this extremely impressive new offering from 11 LIT3S, before it passes you by.

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