‘123_befree’ sees Jonathan Joel deliver melodic hooks

Jonathan Joel is an emerging pop artist who puts artistry into motion every time he takes the stage.

With dynamic vocals accompanied by breath-taking violin playing, this New York based musician creates a one-of-a-kind oasis for his audience to let loose and express themselves.

As a self-proclaimed anomaly, Jonathan strives to empower others to embrace who they are through his art.

Jonathan explains how “it’s about all the pieces—the music, lyrics, choreography and styling—coming together to create a beautiful story that connects with others. I hope when people listen to my music they feel free and liberated to remove any masks that they may be hiding behind and live more authentically.”

‘123_befree’ sees Jonathan Joel deliver catchy hooks but in terms of the melody but also on a lyrical level.

To round things off Jonathan Joel’s violin performance is simply magical and in places is calming in comparison to the overall tempo of the track.