13irthmark’s “Raised By My Hero” Is A Soulful Anthem For 90s Hip Hop Fans That Celebrates Black Fatherhood

Raised By My Hero by 13irthmark

You know those tunes that strike a chord deep within your soul from the very first beat? The unsigned North Carolina-based Hip-Hop Soul, 13irthmark, just dropped his latest single, “RAISED BY MY HERO,” and let us tell you, it’s a tribute that hits you right in the feels.

This track isn’t just music; it’s a heartfelt homage to his father for weathering storms, overcoming challenges, and standing as an unwavering pillar of strength for him growing up.

It’s a fusion of Hip Hop and Soul that transcends beats and hooks.  At its core, the song pays tribute to his pops for the resilience, life lessons, and love that ultimately triumphs in his life.

13irthmark draws on the experiences of his father who navigated custody battles and visitation rights. A powerful acknowledgment of his father who went above and beyond financial obligations in order to show up in his life as a stable, loving, and protective father.  

13irthmark’s deep bass vibrato and old-school 90s cadence is reminiscent of a young Ice Cube layered over a soundscape that blends influences from J Cole’s storytelling abilities, Symba’s soulful melodies, and Kendrick Lamar’s thought-provoking lyrics.

The lyrics are a genuine reflection of the artist’s deep respect for the wisdom he learned from his father. 13irthmark loves his dad and it might be the most wholesome thing in hip-hop this year. I hope his Pops is proud.

This is the kind of track that bridges musical barriers and speaks directly to the heart of old-school hip-hop culture.

With a career spanning four albums that include selling over 3000 copies of his debut album by himself with no label support or marketing plan, he’s making waves as an independent artist with a message all men would benefit from hearing.

So, whether you’re a dedicated hip-hop fan or just someone who appreciates heartfelt, soulful storytelling, this track deserves a spot on your playlist.

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