3kelves “No One Else” is upbeat indie electronic

South Korean born and bred artist, producer, DJ, singer and songwriter 3kelves has just shared “No One Else”, a foot stomping indie dance pop good time. The track is off of his latest EP and marks a slight sonic shift for him, to where he leans more into his indie pop influences.
“No One Else” showcases steady beats, intoxicating rhythms and dreamy synths. The vocals are quirky, vibrant and welcoming. With 3kevles making a must listen to and enjoyable sonic roller coaster. The track explores the concept of all encompassing thoughts and desires. Someone has dominated his mind and he can’t stop thinking about anything else. Singing, “No one else around, No one else in my mind, Don’t want to movе, ‘Till the morning comes, Swept down into thе night.” The song also touches upon feeling trapped and how wonderful it would feel to be able to have ultimate freedom like kittens that roam free.

3kelves’ latest EP is all about collaboration. The artist took trips around the world where he met his fellow producers in person after initially meeting them online during the pandemic from Discord Servers. From there the five song musical collection Lucas 루카스 was born. Check out the highlighted track “No One Else” now and enjoy the music.
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