SpaceAcre Reveal New Single ‘Chemicals’

SpaceAcre fuse dreamlike dark-pop with stunning aesthetics on their new single, ‘Chemicals’, the title track from the duo’s upcoming EP. A glamorous combination of Phoebe Little’s striking vocal style with Jas Scott’s mind-bending musical talent, SpaceAcre’s new track is joined by a new music video.

An evocative new single that highlights the controlled chaos between the two artists, ‘Chemicals’ is an evolution of the sound developed on their debut EP. Opening with a seductive beat, the melancholic melody rises into a powerful choral burst that follows the theme in the title of how things aren’t always as they seem.

“It’s about how chemicals can affect someone’s brain, whether they are naturally occurring or not. It has a multi-layered meaning as we all have stuff that we’re addicted to” Phoebe says. “Often when writing, we’ll be thinking about a subject, maybe something quite personal, and I’ll just get Jas to rant about it for a while. I’ll then note down the interesting bits and we write the lyrics from there”.