Celestial Skies Release Debut Album ‘Songs For Blue Romantics’

Celestial Skies have released their debut album, ‘Songs For Blue Romantics’, an 80s inspired queer-pop exploration of love and loss in a collection of melancholic tunes. Arriving with the punchy new single ‘Modern Romance‘, singer Chris Selman joins the dramatic piano riff and pounding drum beat with his bittersweet lyrics.

A play on the new romantic era and aesthetics, ‘Songs For Blue Romantics’ employs indie riffs and instrumentation with added electronics to create the clean, quirky sound. Other songs on the album like ‘Forget Me Not’ and ‘The Lost Art Of Conversation’ bring forward the witty, pensive songwriting, while also seeing music videos that feature cute, queer love stories.

“It’s ‘blue’ because I guess these songs have a bit of a melancholy edge to them – I don’t think they’re sad songs, but they’re often bittersweet.” Says Chris, a singer in the London Gay Men’s Chorus who formerly released under the name ‘Words & Noises’. “I’d say that overall there’s a cautious sense of optimism to the album – these songs recognise that life and love are difficult and complicated and messy beasts, but that there are also opportunities for things to get better.”