Absnt Mind Set To Ignite Boy Band Culture With Debut Single ‘No Strings’

The highly anticipated debut single from the world’s most exciting  new boy band Absnt Mind, titled ‘No Strings’, is set to be released at 5pm on Friday 7th June 2024. This original modern pop anthem marks the beginning of what promises to be the start of an exciting journey for this group of rising stars. 

Inspired by their own journey of breaking free from the constraints of pressure that their generation feels,  Absnt Mind encourage their fans to embrace the present moment and revel in the joy of simply being. Their new single ‘No Strings’ perfectly portrays what they stand for by touching on commitment, respect and the desire for meaningful relationships.

Absnt Mind, composed of five dynamic and diverse talents, have quickly made a name for themselves with their irresistible charisma and infectious energy. In just a few months the band has garnered a significant following on social media, with over 10k followers on Instagram and approaching 30k on TikTok. Their fans have called themselves Absentees and have become a loyal army growing from the band’s school tours. Absnt Mind are about to embark on their first headline tour across the UK further solidifying their reputation as an emerging force in pop music.

Alex explains: “Being able to connect with our fans is everything to us. And what better way than touring. We can’t wait to play out our new original songs that we have been busy writing. It’s gonna be quite the party!”

Absnt Mind, with their British banter and worldwide appeal, are destined to make waves within the music industry. The band have been in the studio with some of the biggest producers and songwriters in the world including: Billen Ted (JC Stewart, Joel Corry), The Futuristics (Justin Bieber, Why Don’t We) and Kamille (Little Mix, Anne Marie). 

Meet the band: Alex Benson, the thinker of the group with the looks of Robert Pattinson and the swagger of James Dean and an exceptional vocal. Oscar Williams, the mischievous musical prodigy from Yorkshire, boasting a powerful and unique voice that belies his young age. Conor Marcus, the energetic music stalwart from Northern Ireland, bringing boundless positivity and a constant stream of musical ideas to the table. Ashton Henry-Reid, the smart kid, the cool dancer with the cute smile, is the R&B & Pop aficionado of the group. Lastly, Freddie Meyer, the youngest member of Absnt Mind, whose youthful exuberance and love for dance TikTok trends, Pop & R&B and adds a playful charm to the group.

Armed with original releases and a repertoire of covers spanning from Raye, through Harry Styles to SZA, Absnt Mind are poised to revolutionise the future of boy band culture starting with their high energy debut single ‘No Strings’. Available on all major streaming platforms from 5pm Friday 7th June 2024.

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