Adam O’Rua releases heartfelt new single “Rainfall”

Following from his striking debut E.P “EVA,” Adam O’Rua is back with a new heartfelt offering entitled “Rainfall.” Adam O’Rua isn’t just a songwriter, he’s a creative in general, and his powerful sonic/visual combination comes from his skillset across music, choreography, filmmaking and directing. Adam O’Rua is a DIY artist, and everything surrounding his brand is personal and fully represents him. 

“Rainfall” is an infectious new offering. The single features a colourful melting pot of heartwarming piano lines, playful drums and divine backing vocals. His soulful lead vocals grace the track softly and come drenched in pop/RnB sensibilities. Accompanying the track is an equally powerful music video. 

Speaking about the single, he says: “It rains a lot in Ireland and in London too, where this song was written and this story is based. I think there’s something beautiful about the rain. How everything green and verdant and beautiful in the nature that I grew up with wouldn’t be so without it. Something different about how deeply you can cry when tears of the heavens are washing away your tears as quickly as they fall. And deeper still when you can trust someone with your whole heart. What you emerge with afterwards with that person is a bond so deep and intense that it supersedes mere words.” 

With a growing fanbase and fantastic music, we cannot wait to see where he’ll take this.