Agat discusses fascinating topics with new, genre-spanning album ‘With The Incrowd’

Photo of Agat

Alternative hip-hop artist, Agat, is not messing about, clearly. She’s dropped a new album this year called With The Incrowd and her intent is clear. She’s thriving creatively, as this new album is genre-defying. With instrumentation including pleasant, waterfall-like piano, and some heavy, fuzzy electronic bass parts that you feel deep in your chest, this album has been created with great precision. The Tel-Aviv artist has put a lot of thought and time into the fascinating sounds we hear on this album; they flow smoothly, and nothing sounds out of place, yet it’s never predictable. This is a very hard thing to achieve with such an experimental body of work.

The lyrics explore complex topics including the human desire for love and satisfaction, and how people struggle with this in the modern day and try to fill their desire for happiness with artificial sources. She sings these lyrics in a variety of ways that keep the listener on their toes throughout this sonic rollercoaster. In the song Incrowd, Agat talks her way through the lyrics in a dark and mysterious fashion, building the tension and suspense with little background noise. This song then reaches a climax when her vocal range becomes evident, as she meaningfully shouts the lyrics at the end of the song with louder electronic motifs in the background and some impactful drumbeats.

This album has attitude, passion, anger, and a softer emotional side. Agat is an artist with a lot of potential as she’s already releasing some very impressive stuff; With The Incrowd is a must-listen for any music fan.