Album Review: Eddy Mann – “Turn Up the Divine”

**Release Date:** June 7, 2024
**Genre:** Christian Folk, Contemporary Christian Music
**Label:** Independent

Eddy Mann’s latest offering, *”Turn Up the Divine,”* marks his 21st studio album and is a testament to his unwavering commitment to crafting spiritually resonant music. Known for his profound ability to merge cultural and spiritual themes, Mann’s new album takes listeners on a contemplative journey that is both intimate and expansive. The album features a blend of folk-pop and contemporary Christian music, rich with lyrical depth and emotional warmth.

Track-by-Track Analysis:

1. The Humble Cottage by the Sea:
– *Musicality:* The album opens with an uptempo folk-pop melody that immediately draws the listener into a vivid narrative. The instrumental arrangement is simple yet effective, with a steady acoustic guitar and light percussion.
– *Lyrics:* The song paints a poignant picture of a humble fisherman’s cottage where a miracle unfolds. Mann’s lyrics highlight the idea that divine interventions often occur in the most unassuming places, echoing the theme that God’s grace is accessible to all.
– *Highlight:* “In the humble cottage by the sea / The Lord of Glory was sought / He entered in and lodged in / And a miracle he did wrought.”

2. I’m Coming:
– *Musicality:* A gentle, meditative track characterized by soft piano and acoustic guitar. The song has a soothing rhythm that invites quiet reflection.
– *Lyrics:* Mann reflects on the omnipresence and omniscience of God, and the comfort that comes from knowing that divine support is always near.
– *Highlight:* “You cry hold on, hold on tightly / I’m coming.”

3. String of Pearls:
– *Musicality:* This track features a delicate balance of acoustic and electric guitars, creating a serene yet uplifting atmosphere.
– *Lyrics:* The song delves into themes of peace and reconciliation, likening the journey to spiritual wholeness to stringing together pearls of wisdom.
– *Highlight:* “Building language; chaining passion / Like a string of pearls.”

4. A Manifest of Grace:
– *Musicality:* A hymn-like track with a prominent piano accompaniment that enhances its reverential tone.
– *Lyrics:* The song is a powerful declaration of the sufficiency of divine grace, emphasizing that nothing we do can add to what has already been accomplished by God.
– *Highlight:* “Receive and be grateful / Receive and be grateful / Receive and be grateful for what he’s done.”

5. Just Like Jesus:
– *Musicality:* A catchy, upbeat number with a folk-rock edge, featuring lively percussion and engaging harmonies.
– *Lyrics:* Mann captures the essence of Christ’s teachings and his recognition of the marginalized and oppressed. It’s a celebration of the ways in which Jesus exemplifies perfect love and compassion.
– *Highlight:* “Oh, oh, oh, oh, isn’t that just like Jesus.”

6. Fly, Fly Away:
– *Musicality:* A light and airy track with a dreamy quality, characterized by gentle strumming and subtle orchestration.
– *Lyrics:* The lyrics evoke a sense of freedom and release, encouraging listeners to embrace their spiritual journey and trust in divine guidance.
– *Highlight:* “Fly away to where God only knows / Fly away to where happiness grows.”

7. Let It Grow:
– *Musicality:* Featuring a blend of acoustic guitar and understated percussion, this song grows in intensity as it progresses, mirroring its lyrical content.
– *Lyrics:* A metaphor for spiritual growth, the song encourages nurturing one’s faith and allowing it to flourish organically.
– *Highlight:* “A silent voice in an innocent ear / Found a niche where it could rear / Let it grow.”

8. Did I Ever:
– *Musicality:* A heartfelt ballad with a rich acoustic arrangement and emotive vocals that convey a sense of deep personal reflection.
– *Lyrics:* The song questions whether one has truly expressed their love and gratitude, serving as a reminder to cherish and communicate our feelings to those we love.
– *Highlight:* “Did I ever say that I love you.”

9. **Relentless Love:**
– *Musicality:* A mid-tempo track with a steady beat and warm, inviting instrumentation that enhances its message of enduring divine love.
– *Lyrics:* Mann reflects on the unyielding love of God that inspires and drives us to act in love and compassion towards others.
– *Highlight:* “You loved and now we love / It’s through your ceding that we know love.”

10. A Red Thread:
– *Musicality:* A more contemplative track, featuring a gentle, flowing melody and soft vocals.
– *Lyrics:* The song explores the idea of an unbroken connection of love and purpose that runs through our lives, symbolized by a red thread.
– *Highlight:* “There’s a red thread running through me / It’s a love I can depend.”

11. Child, Can You Spare Some Time:
– *Musicality:* This song has a nostalgic, almost hymn-like quality, with a slow tempo and minimalistic instrumentation that lets the lyrics shine.
– *Lyrics:* Mann invites listeners to take time to reflect on the creation and the Creator’s constant call for our attention and devotion.
– *Highlight:* “Child, can you spare some time.”

12. Hush:
– *Musicality:* The album closes with a soft, serene lullaby-like track that combines gentle guitar picking with soothing vocals.
– *Lyrics:* The song is a prayerful plea for divine peace and understanding, urging listeners to find solace and comfort in God’s eternal love.
– *Highlight:* “O’ let there be light / O’ let there be heaven.”

Final Thoughts:

*”Turn Up the Divine”* is a profound and heartfelt album that showcases Eddy Mann’s remarkable ability to craft songs that are both spiritually uplifting and musically engaging. Each track on the album offers a unique perspective on faith, love, and divine grace, making it a compelling listen for anyone seeking encouragement and inspiration. Mann’s lyrical storytelling and acoustic artistry create an inviting soundscape that resonates with sincerity and hope, solidifying his place as a cherished voice in Christian music.