Alex Fasso shares newest dreamy single ‘Northside’

Hong Kong-born, Melbourne-based artist Alex Fasso has released his glowing new single ‘Northside’, a track filled with echoey vocals and relaxing, ambient soundscapes. ‘Northside’ will be the lead track taken from the talent’s upcoming EP ‘They All Look The Same’, set for release on the 25th June. 

Taking his sound down a new avenue, Alex strays from his previous brand of acoustic ballads and ventures into a world of dynamic synth and pulsing percussion. Adding a unique spin to the record, Alex samples one of the most famous movie quotes of all time from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. 

 Alex reveals, “‘’Northside’ is about this suburb in Melbourne (that I won’t name because I don’t want to offend too many people), it’s about how we’re in a world where everyone wants to stand out from societal norms but the people from the suburb just all look the same. They all dress the same, shop at the same stores, smoke the same cigarettes, go to the same bars and really by them doing this they in fact aren’t “indie”, they are just the same as everyone else”

He further explains, “My goal as an artist is to try, as much as I can, to not let the audience find out what songs are inspired by truth and what songs are fiction. I want the audience to listen to my music and find meaning for themselves rather than me telling them how they are meant to think and feel.” 

Alex’s perfectly honed sound deserves all of your attention, so be sure to check out ‘Northside’ below: