ALI feels “Lonely” in new single


Rising independent pop sensation ALI has once again captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with the release of her latest single, “Lonely,” on January 19th, 2024. Following the success of her previous chart-toppers, “When the Summer’s Back” and “Hourglass”, ALI’s newest track delves into the depths of raw emotion, providing listeners with a cathartic journey through her personal landscape.

Born and raised in a picturesque town in west Catalonia, Spain, ALI took a courageous leap at the age of 18, relocating to the vibrant city of London to pursue her passion for songwriting. Influenced by luminaries such as LÉON and Taylor Swift, ALI’s mellow contemporary pop sound captures the essence of her unique journey, exploring the challenges and triumphs of living far from the familiar comforts of home.

The inspiration behind “Lonely” revolves around a universal theme – the struggle with judgment and the burden of decision-making. ALI elaborates, “That moment when you ask for help and everyone’s like ‘anything you decide will be the right choice,’ and when you finally go for it, everyone judges it and has something to say about it or would’ve done it differently.”

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