Aliza Hava releases irresistible new single “Emotion Tide”

Award-winning singer-songwriter Aliza Hava has always been surrounded by music, and her constant effort to perfect her craft has allowed her to create an irresistible and unique sound. A challenging childhood led Aliza to find solace in music, growing her musical palette and resulting in a deep understanding of different genres. A fusion of folk, rock, pop, and R&B, Aliza’s sound is sure to pick you up and entice you in.

The track “Emotion Tide” is an infectious offering. Playful drums reverberate energy around the mix. Guitars create a melting pot of melodies as they ebb and flow between each other, layering in the mix perfectly. Her voice is signature, distinctive, soaked in emotion whilst wrapped up in irresistible melodies.

Speaking of the track, Aliza says, “We all know people often hold back their tears in an effort to be strong. But true healing can only happen when we allow those tears to fall and cleanse us of the grief of a broken heart.”

Born out of a period in 2021 when the singer was laid up with a severe neck injury, ”Emotion Tide,” is a true representation of the power of music that Aliza has always tried to highlight in her artistry. Set to bring several intimate and deeply relatable stories of transforming pain into power, there’s much more to come from Aliza who pulls trauma apart, replacing it with triumph and enlightening, earworm musicality.