Alt Rock/Reggae album ‘Where Have You Been’ announces the arrival of Dan Keicher

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Where Have You Been‘ marks a new era for talented musician Dan Keicher, as this first full length album announces the arrival of his solo career. This project is not restricted by any thematic focus, and Keicher himself says “this album was written.. just for the love of playing music”, leaving the project up to interpretation. One of the brightest appeals of this album is the spectacular fusion of reggae rhythms with the signature sounds of alt rock. His magnetic sound is heard throughout the album, but stands out particularly on the titular track ‘Where Have You Been’ and ‘Run’. Throughout the project, everything fits together seamlessly, with chugging guitar riffs, hard hitting drums and punchy vocals marking the elements of that Daniel Keicher sound. Another aspect that stands out is the charming resemblance to the much loved Arctic Monkeys, with candid conversational lyrics and an obvious reference to ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ in ‘Too Far’. Packed with a punch, this album will have listeners asking this rising artist ‘Where Have You Been’?

Dan Keicher is an alternative rock artist with a world of experience in the music industry. For the last 12 years, he has moved from project to project as a session musician, working with many personalities across an extensive array of genres. Now, with a confident scope of what works in music, it’s time for Keicher to take on his own solo career. The string of singles he’s already released from this upcoming album have done exceedingly well, with ‘Too Far’ and ‘Black Sheep’ surpassing 80K streams on Spotify. It’s clear that although ‘Where Have You Been’ is Daniel Keicher’s debut album, it has the songwriting, composition and production quality of a well established artist. He’s come a long way already, but the best from Dan Keicher is yet to come, be sure to catch him before everyone else.

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